MAY 2019

CHECK THIS OUT --->  MERCEDES BENZ used my song Take Me For A Ride in their new commercial! Watch it HERE !  

The album it's on - Come Get Your Love Right Now - is out now on Goner Records. Watch a new vid for it HERE and order your copy HERE


Also, been asked by the REVEREND HORTON HEAT to join in on their Rockabilly Invasion tour next June!  I will pop out DURING the Revs set and they will back me up...How cool is that??


So much fun stuff planned already for 2019 - Lotsa new music (full-length album,  new TANDOORI KNIGHTS single, 7" collabs with THE's and DEKE DICKERSON,  a surf EP, ...and more!) and cool shows in:  A Giant Igloo!  Florida!  Puerto Rico (for the first time)!  Canadas Northwest Territories (for the first time)!  Tandoori Knights reunion in Europe!  Nashville Boogie!  Tour with THE's!  Hi-Tide Summer Holiday! The Baja Bop Cruise (Cali to Mexico)! Tour with DEKE DICKERSON!  Tour with REVEREND HORTON HEAT!  And a few other really cool surprises that I can't announce just yet!  Stay tuned...and all the best for 2019!


Just back from Japan - Insane crazy trek!  See pics on my Instagram page.


New music OUT NOW:

- Bloodshot Bill COME GET YOUR LOVE RIGHT NOW (LP/CD on Goner Records)

- Bloodshot Bill & The Hick-Ups THIS IS IT!  (LP on Sleazy Records)

- Bloodshot Bill KEEP MOVIN' ON  (7" on Pig Baby Records)

- The's with Bloodshot Bill MY LITTLE MUCK MUCK b/w SMELL WAS GREASE LEATHER & CHEWING GUM (7" on Pig Baby Records & Time Bomb Records)

- Tandoori Knights TEMPLE OF BOOM b/w TANDOORI DOLLY  (7" on Slovenly Records)


On the way:

- New 7" collab EP with DEKE DICKERSON (see vid here) on Ecco-Fonic Records (USA)

- New all-instro surf ep HANG TEN WITH BLOODSHOT BILL on Hi-Tide Recordings (USA)



New 12-song digital album available here NOW!





Just back from a wild week in Memphis. Got to perform a few times, meet some great people, and even got an article written about me in the local paper...

Recently in Utah, I managed to meet up with HAL SCHNEIDER (original singer/drummer/songwriter for THREE ACES & A JOKER, who laid down the GREATEST party song ever in '59 - BOOZE PARTY!) Hal came to our show and joined us on stage for a wild rendition of his hit, and we even got together the next day to record 2 songs he wrote back in the day but never recorded himself - they are GREAT tunes and will hopefully have some more news to share about this soon! For now, enjoy this clip of us jammin in Ogden, UT!


- NEW!  7" collab with famed Beat poet CHARLES PLYMELL!  Includes 16-page booklet!  Limited Deluxe edition available too! Get it HERE

- NEW!   4-song EP of  horror themed bug-outs entitled "TRICK AND TREAT"!   Sneak peek audio vids here and here!  Available on Ghost Highway Recordings, order your copy NOW ! 

- NEW!  16-song album GUITAR BOY out now on Norton Records!   Hear audio clips here & here!

- NEW!   7" collab with SHANNON (Shannon & The Clams) out now on Slovenly Records!

- NEW!  Split 7" with MACK STEVENS! Available now on Trailer Park Records !  See vid for my side: CREATURE FROM THE SKY  (made by Sylvain Jodoin)!    Also available as digi-download here !


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"Atomic third Norton long player from the fifth hardest working man in show business! 16 brand new killer recordings!"
Check out the SHOOK SHAKE  album!
..and the new Bandcamp page for unreleased toons!
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 "Here it is at long last is the world’s greatest living one man band’s second album featuring sixteen high geared winners!" 

  Check some songs from THE LONESOME ROAD here and here ...and grab a copy here !



- Some recent talks with Ponyboy, Orlando Weekly, The Main, Do Savannah, CMJ and Miami New Times!


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 New DING-DONGS page on Facebook (there's an "old" page floating out there too - let it float, and head to this new one!)

 Get all the latest info there, and grab our latest album RANG TANG DING DONG!


TK's moonlight as BA's

 TANDOORI KNIGHTS (King Khan & Bloodshot Bill) have gone undercover and recorded a new single as THE BOLLYWOOD ARGYLES! Released on Norton    Records new Popular Demand series. Rippin' (or is that "ripped"?) takes on Alley Oop ("Ali Oop") & Linda Lu ("Vinda Loo"). Grab your copy NOW and send the neighbors runnin'!

- Check these pics / review taken in Brooklyn, courtesy of Paper Mag
- Interviews with the CBC (Canada) and Blues @ Greece (Greece)
- Article from The Coast (Halifax, NS)
- Show review from Exclaim Magazine  (...and a Larry Brinkley reference to boot - WHOA!)
- Show review Beatroute (scroll down a bit past indie rock crap)
iTunes  - "Hey, Downloaders!"  
Check out BB on iTunes and carry him in your pocket wherever you go!
- Rang Tang Ding Dong - The Ding-Dongs (Norton Records, 2013)
- Lonesome Road - Bloodshot Bill (Norton Records, 2013)
- So Blue - Bloodshot Bill (Transistor 66, 2012)
- Out The Door - Bloodshot Bill  (Transistor 66, 2012)
- Thunder & Lightning - Bloodshot Bill  (Norton Records, 2011)
- Curry Up! - Tandoori Knights  (Norton Records, 2010)
- The Ding-Dongs  (Norton Records, 2010)
- Git High Tonite! - Bloodshot Bill  (Transistor 66, 2009)
OLDER NEWS..but still newsworthy
Check this neat video for Tandoori KnightsBHAJI BLUES that Nick Benidt surprised us with!
Here's some videos from our tour:
300 AU MAX, a bowling alley in Longueuil, QC, is introducing a new burger - The DEGUEU BURGER ("disgusting" burger translated to English from French) - and has asked me to help 'em spread the word... Get a quick taste now with this video we made  - CAUTION: I sing in French - Bon appetit!
*NOTE* The 30-second radio ad for the Degeue Burger is on the "OUT THE DOOR" EP (Transistor 66 records)
BLOODSHOT BILL "Thunder & Lightning" LP - on Norton Records!!  
Here's the word from Nortonville:
"He’s made scads of solid senders all over the globe, but here’s the one man racket squad’s first full length Norton platter and we think it’s his best offering to date! THUNDER AND LIGHTNING features brand new Bloodshot Bill-penned rockers like Crazy ‘Bout The Girl and The Hunt plus killer remakes of Tooter Boatman’s title thumper and Eddie Cochran’s brooding Dark Lonely Street – GET THIS ALBUM!"
Available at Norton Records, cool record shops and at shows!
Click here to see the video for Thunder & Lightning.
Hour Magazine had a cover story on BB & The Hand-Cuffs recently...Click HERE to read!
- Here's a neat video of "Stop!" from the Thunder & Lightning LP, courtesy of CHOM FM.
Here's a tribute to Madrid, the famous restaurant/hotel/truck stop at exit 202 on Hwy 20 in Quebec, known for it's Monster Trucks and Dinosaurs...Watch it HERE and enjoy!  Yummmmm!
Here's some videos playing in The Crows Nest barber shop in Toronto....courtesy of The Untold City!
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Click here for an interview with Montreal's CUTV, enjoy!
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Here's a short french/english/acapella(?) interview with Art Focus TV.
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 this silly interview I did with Jake La Botz - who happens to play the guitarist in Blues Hammer (!) from the movie Ghost World!
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- I thought this was neat, from a show in Toronto, Nov.'10.
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- Wanna hear some mumbling in really bad french?  Check this interview clip from Musiqueplus.
..are you still reading this?!
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- Here's a neat-o profile from CBC's Bande-a-Part - just your average "day in the life" kinda thing (massages, limos, wine, chicken wings, piggin' know, average!).
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- On the Hog Maw 10-inch "Homicide", There are 3 songs (Afraid To Take A Chance, Diddley Babe and Tellin' Ya Baby) credited to Bloodshot Bill, this is a mistake on the labels part, not me trying to take credit for 3 kick-ass songs - It has been corrected for the re-press - Sorry for any confusion!
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...and loads more coming...til then, remember: